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The anchor lends itself to gorgeously sculpted curves and a variety of creations. Plus, it's reminiscent of steadfastness on drifting waters and your passion for the sea.
Catching waves and rays at the beach - tons of fun and serene relaxation. Whether your ideal is Nantucket or a tropical isle, you'll find a pendant that will delight for a lifetime.
Who hasn't imagined they're a bird, soaring across the sky and dipping into the sea? Some of these intricate creations feature movable bills.
Crabs & Lobsters
You can almost hear the clickety-clack of your favorite crustacean when you wear these gleaming gold pendants.
Express your love for diving into the deep blue sea and among its mysterious treasures with these finely crafted gold pendants.
Dolphins, Manatees, Whales
Playful, majestic, adorable. Your favorite sea creatures, accented with precious gems, inlaid enamel and a fitting golden shimmer.
Fish-Bull Dolphin
Known for brute strength, the bull dolphin is also a thing of enduring beauty, with sparkling gem eyes and the richness of 14-karat gold or sheen of sterling silver.
The sleek black line on the snook fish gives these pendants striking style. This fighter of a fish exudes sportive glamor.
The distinctive bill of the feisty marlin gives these pendants a glorious silhouette. Add sparkling gems or enamel detailing for a striking vision and lifetime treasure.
Every devoted ocean lover knows fish come in all different shapes and sizes, and they're glorious in every form. Long and lean, coiled and ready for action, your perfect fish is here in 14-karat gold or sterling silver.
The fin of the sailfish rises high like a crown. These stunning pendants honor this speedy, high-flying fish in exquisite detail.
The grand tarpon with its glimmering scales gets the detailed attention it deserves in these spectacular pendants with precious gem accents.
Warm waters, swaying palms and brilliant sea life. Get the rich feel of the tropics with these finely detailed golden pendants.
The tuna is voluptuous and sleek, and these high-shine golden renditions with gem and enamel accents bring out its true beauty.
Celebrate your passion for fishing with these masterfully crafted symbols of the sport, including a working reel and a diamond-covered hooks.
Frogs & Alligators
Your favorite amphibian and reptile shine in beautifully detailed 14-karat gold.
The symbol for hope, light, direction and romantic seashores, the stately lighthouse is wrought with sophisticated detail.
Seductively alluring or playfully benevolent, the mermaid stirs the sea lover's imagination. Explore a variety of these beautiful creatures in 14-karat gold or sterling silver.
Power Boats
Splashing across the sea in a pursuit of that big catch or hitting the waters for a multi-day yachting adventure, whatever your pleasure is it's here in gleaming gold and flawless craftsmanship. Some even have working props and rudders.
Props convey the power of movement-across the gleaming sea, through rolling currents and toward your favorite destination. They also have a balanced aesthetic befitting 14-karat gold and stunning diamonds.
Sailing has high style to match the seas. Gorgeous and gleaming, you'll find ship's wheels, knots, boats, monkey fists and more in two-tone gold and spectacular gems.
No seashore is complete without the sweet decorative seashell. These treasures combine the beauty of sea life in elegantly styled curves and textures.
Sea Life
Precious gems, diamonds and deft craftsmanship bring out the essential life in these sea creatures to enjoy for a lifetime.
The shark has endured for over 400 million years, and its allure never wanes. These fish have voluptuous shape and a rich, golden sheen.
Add a tropical, earthy element to painstakingly detailed nautical icons. Teak complements the richness of 14-karat gold to perfection.
It's easy to develop a romance with the evolutionary marvel, the sea turtle. Smart and increasingly rare, these impressive creatures shine in sculpted gold and precious gems.
Water Sports
The sea is your playground, stadium and arena. These pendants show your devotion to this watery wonderland.
Find the pendant that best reflects your passion for the sea in this eclectic collection of nautical treasures.
Your favorite warm-blooded beasts in sweet repose or jumping high above open water. Every piece gleams in 14-karat gold.
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