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Toe Rings
Barefoot or sandal-clad, the beach life is both carefree and luxurious. Adorn your tan toes with the glamor of sea depictions in 14-karat gold.
Ship's wheels reflect determination, direction, focus and freedom. In 14-karat gold and shimmering diamonds, they're also a thing of sublime beauty.
Turks Head
A turks head band is a deceptively simple yet endless knot. This sea icon of bold strength conveys sophisticated style in gleaming 14- and 18-karat yellow and white gold and precious platinum.
Everyone loves the seashell. This beachcomber's object of affection is a delight, whether in 14-karat gold, two-tone, enamel or sparkling diamonds.
Sea Life
Exquisite shapes, diamond embellishment and colorful gems make these rings stunning and seaworthy.
Express your devotion to the sea in the form of shackles and sailboats. Shine bright with the brilliance of diamonds, or maintain a warm glow in 14-karat gold.
You don't have to captain a ship to appreciate the bold beauty of these propeller rings, adorned with sparkling diamonds and sculpted to perfection.
Pirate skulls, flora, fauna, waves and ropes take on gorgeous shapes in gleaming 14-karat gold.
The dolphin's smile enchants you, and the manatee's physique melts your heart. Celebrate your affection with these shimmering, finely crafted rings.
Fish are the predators and prey of the sea, strong, spirited and a thing of gleaming beauty. Adorned with precious gems and emitting a rich, golden glow, these rings are the pitch-perfect expression.
The passion to swim among sea life and explore deep, open waters never dies. Rich 14-karat gold and striking red enamel are equally enduring.
The anchor is both grounding and liberating. This icon of adventurous journey shines everlasting in brilliant gold, diamonds, lapis and onyx.
The royal reptile, the turtle, is a true survivor of the sea. These lifetime treasures in 14-karat gold reflect their enduring strength.
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